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Last summer, the Aviation Department announced it would pursue a series of changes and improvements to the Hilton Chicago O’Hare Hotel, modernizing the hotel to “accommodate large trade shows.” The projects would also include the construction of a brand new 300- to 400-room hotel adjacent to the hotel’s international terminal, while subsequently doubling the capacity of the Hilton.

These plans come in addition to larger plans for the airport to add gates, a much larger international terminal that would include nine new boarding points, and larger Terminal 2 also including more boarding points. Upgrades may also be coming for amenities, concessions, and TSA passenger screening.

Groundbreaking for the new hotel building is supposed to be taking place in 2019, with a target delivery date of 2022. In the meantime, the Hilton plans have become fairly urgent, as the Hilton’s lease on the building is set to expire next year.

Regardless of the dates on which these projects come to fruition, they will stand as a great addition to Chicago’s infrastructure and overall development. The Hilton, which has stood since 1973, is already a testament to the enduring nature of Chicago’s business culture, and its renovations will capitalize on its classic presence within the community — especially for travelers who know it well.

The Hilton’s planned counterpart, on the other hand, will represent the city’s attention to detail in terms of adding new structures that are as exciting as they are necessary.

Both structures will join as a collective asset for those traveling to and from Chicago, ensuring that visitors are given a warm welcome and departing residents are provided an added potential convenience.

Furthermore, the modernization of the Hilton will essentially stand as a major driver to the city’s economy. It will give Chicago an added boost in revenue from visiting trade shows, as well as potential increases in tourism.

It is exciting to see these promising new developments coming to an essential sector of Chicago.